I founded Gazi Grip in 2005 so that I could import and rent J.L. Fisher film equipment to Greece. The ever increasing number of foreign service jobs coming to Greece made this necessary, as most of the time the basic grip package, and therefore the key grip, was being imported from other European countries. 

My goal is to provide all productions with the level of service they would get in any country in the world, keeping in mind the peculiarities of shooting in Greece. I am familiar with most of the equipment that is used on film sets around the world, and have worked with almost all types of dollies, cranes and heads. I have a very good rapport with all of the equipment houses in Greece and good relationships with equipment houses in other European countries, and I greatly enjoy making rigs and equipment for particular shots or projects; this allows me to put together any package for any job. I keep an open mind in my approach to all projects and challenges, always trying to provide the Director and DOP with what they have imagined in the safest, easiest, and quickest way possible.

Carolos Sturmey

Basic Package
Extra Equipment
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• Fisher 11 Dolly
• Multi position leveling head
• Low leveling head
• Adaptor for 150mm Bowl
• 6’ 12’ & 18’ risers
• 90° plate
• Rotating offset
• 10’ & 24’ offsets
• 2 seats
• Seat riser
• 45° seat riser
• 2 Low side boards
• 2 Low front boards
• 2 Side boards
• 2 Diving boards
• 1 Euro Boss


• 24 x Apple boxes (4 sets of 6 sizes)*
• Basso blocks (paganinis)*
• Wedges*


• 4 x Curve tracks (45°)
• 7 x 8 ft. Straight track
• 1 x 4 ft. Straight track
• 1 x 3 ft. Straight track
• 1 x 2 ft. Straight track
• 2 x Track Ramps


 • G.F.M. Bangi, 1m with extra
2m tubes
• Fisher Skate Wheels 
• Cart with 2 Levels*
• Steady Bag
• 3m ladder
• 1 Hand Cart

*More available on request

• Twin Dolly Slider from Solid Grip Systems
• Aluminum tubes, speed rail and scaffold clamps
• Car Door Mount (Hostess Tray)
• 2 6m x 6m Black Block
• 2 3.5m x 3.5m Black Block
• Video Tent

We collaborate with other rental facilities in Greece and the following Cranes are available:

• Egriment Super Maxi Jib Crane (4.5m) with Hot Shot 2 axis head and pan bar control.

• Techno Crane 30 with 20 meter tracks and 3 axis Z head or 2 axis Mini Scorpio SB92 head

• Panther Galaxy Crane 9 meters with platform, no remote head

• Panther Foxy Crane 4.5 meters with platform, no remote head 

• Jimmy Jib Triangle crane

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Carolos Sturmey